Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm reaching quota limit??

Very disappointed since yesterday becoz i've got message, told that it's already reaching quota limit (my broadband) n suddenly the connection gettin slow n slow!

"If you really wanna speed up ur connection/line.... just purchace either one quota-GB, then u can enjoy surfing internet"

Oh God! how could u? 8hb baru je refresh (bill keluar on 7hb).... again, 7hb!!!! but yesterday 15hb u said i'm reaching quota limit... 
eh hello.... weekdays i'm working... nite oso not much using internet/broadband... saturday (yesterday) guna pun tak banyak... just fb n lain2 yang dulu pakai pun tak macam gini.. but now.... what's the problem with u guy ha???? nowadays dah jadi makin teruk la... ur company too much tau... tamak ke apa ni nak pungut duit banyak2 dari customer??? baru guna kejap dah reaching quota limit then kononnya bagi opportunity/choice if we all nak connection laju just purchase any one GB yg di listkan... meaning that u dapat extra money (from bill) dari ur customer... wahhhh!!! good job!
Very good way on how to steal customer's money everymonth!!!    

ok fine!! this is my last month using urs!!!
The postpaid (handphone), me already terminated... 
The broadband, just because ur staff persuade me to continue so i do... but now i was very frustrated using ur service...

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